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Walk Beside Him

Written in the Spring of 2008

When we write songs, we like to try and challenge each other a bit... reach out of the comfort zone and try things that are not so easy or that come to us fairly complete. We wanted to write a gospel tune, and there was something about a sermon and the Christian's walk that made me think of the chorus... that so often in life, we stride ahead and think we don't need guidance, like head-strong young people, or there are times in life where you fall behind and you just struggle to keep going and not wander off the path into a wicked life. It's always best in life to have a companion to set the pace and in this song... it's our Savior.


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When the days are dark and weary
and your troubles seem too hard
Lay your burdens down before him
He will lead you from the dark

Don’t walk alone
Like you don’t need him...
Don’t fall behind
And loose your place....
Just walk beside Him on your journey
And He will lead you through the gate


Though the journey seems unending
and the miles may pass by slow
The roads of life are laid before you
and you must choose which way to go.



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