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Next Time

Written December 16, 2008

This one we wrote one evening, and it fell together so nicely. It's just a fun little ditty about love and how we all decide that the NEXT TIME, things are gonna be a lot better... but they never seem to be!

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First time that you showed up on my doorstep
I thought you were the prince I wanted so...
But now you're proving to be less than charming
and I'm watching you ride off on your white horse.

Next Time, Ain't gonna hear no lying.
Next Time, Ain't gonna be so blue
Next Time, Ain't gonna do no crying,
Cuz the Next Time, honey, ain't loving no body like you.

I thought that you were finally gone for good now,
And here you come back knocking at my door
I fear the blues are coming back to haunt me
I don't think I can love you anymore...

So go and find yourself another, Darling.
Someone who'll fall for all the things you do
Cuz this old gal is learning some new tricks now
Cuz the next time, Honey, ain't loving no body like you....




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