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Jacob Miller

Written in the Winter of 2007

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Jacob Miller was a man, raised upon the land
His momma died when he was just a boy
His daddy's heart grew cold and as the stories told
He died and left young Jacob all alone

In the woods he made his home
Through the mountainside he’d roam
Evil growing in his bitter soul

Went to town one fateful night
Killed a man in a drunken fight
now Jacob’s on the run, a wanted man

Through the dark and stormy night
With the lightening crashing bright
you can hear a mournful howling through the hills

If you listen close you’ll hear
As the devil’s hounds draw near
running down the soul they’ve sent to claim

Seven men have tried and died
Murdered on the mountainside
Hunting down the killer, bless their souls

Now they’re running with the pack
Trying to bring old Jacob back
To pay for the crime so long ago

Though the bounty’s never claimed
And the devil knows his name
Jacob Miller forever haunts the mountainside

If you listen close you’ll hear
As the devil’s hounds draw near
Running down the man they’ll never claim.....



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