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Hills of Memory

Written in July of 2007

This one came to me pretty complete, but missing a few holes and needing the Jeff tweak.... (he's great at that... he can pick out the weird parts and make them beautiful!) We had to work the melody a great deal as we were still very green with matching up songs and words and music... but I think this one turned out very nice. We don't play it as much, not sure why, but it should get a chance back in the sun again, so to speak.

The Uncle Roy refers to my Grandfather, Roy Fleenor, though he did make it back from war... (g) He served in the Navy during World War II. Little Milly, is a reference to my grandmother, Mildred Gilbert, though, well, she didn't run off with a preacher's son. Again, a little bit of creative license! My dad is a areonuatical engineer and hasn't ever worked a farm to the best of my knowledge, but I DID have an Uncle Orville and he had a farm and mules and such!!! (g)

I thought this was a fun little twist on all the bluegrass "cabin songs" where someone is remembering the good old days.... only in this one, the person has never experienced, except through all those stories and tales... A nice little twist if you ask me...


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It's a dusty old dirt road and a house that's filled with love
With grandkids and cousins all around
Music on the porch and Sunday morning prayer
and catching up on gossip at the fence...

I often wander back to a place
I've never been
Home of my Grandpa's family.
Told from the heart
Like stories aught to be
Deep in the Hills of Memory

Brother Roy when off to war and never came back again
Little Milly ran off with the preacher's son
Daddy worked the farm till he couldn't work no more
and Uncle Orville had himself a blue nose mule...

The stories blur and fade as my Grandpa, he grows old
But the people that he loved are still around.
They're living in his heart, through the stories that he tells
Deep in the Hills of Memory....



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