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Brother Ben

Written in the Spring of 2007

We wrote this song one evening at Jeff's house at the pool table. I had the start, but only an idea of a brother song, and the first line or two... within an hour or so we had all of the words and a cool melody. Sounds a bit like Handsome Molly, so we have been told, but then, only a little bit. (As if many bluegrass songs don't have some similar strains and bits....)

This is a fun song to play and folks seem to really like it. Started out a bit slower, but now we play it pretty quick. I believe the first time it was debuted was at a CD release party for Shelly Asbury in Flat Rock Michigan at the Eagles Club. Our friend, Jimmy Thompson really like this song.

It would have been Brother Steve, in honor of Jeff's little brother, however, Steve did not work right in the song... and hence... the change in the name! We hope you will enjoy this song.


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I was just eleven, he was turning ten,
We would play for hours, till Ma called us in.
Wrestling alligators, hunting up some bears
Playing cops and robbers, saving maidens fair...

Best friends forever,
That's what we were then,
Growing up and having fun
With my little brother Ben

Hanging out at ballgames, staying out all night
I knew he was behind me, if we ever had to fight
Driving rusty pickups, playing old guitars
Hanging with our sweethearts underneath the stars...

Now that we are older, we're still the best of friends
We will be together, till the bitter end
Raising up our families, crazy now and then,
A rowdy pair of brothers, all grown up as men...




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