Frankie, the Bandkitty sez...
Here are the funny photos of the band's first virtual tour!


Here we are getting ready to get on our new to us bus.
We like the blue, for DeepWater, and it was Bill Monroe's old bus,
the Bluegrass Breakdown.


Being a new band and all, we didn't get a lot of up front money,
so we had to stay at these little old cabins in the hills of Kentucky.
Great air conditioning!


Here we are taking alittle walk in the woods.
You know, you have to get some good exercise when you're on tour
or else you might be grouchy or worn down.


We made a quick stop in Ireland, boy, do they love bluegrass
over there in the British Isles.


Of course, our tour had a 2 week stayover in Bean Blossom, Indiana
Rick thinks he saw Bill Monroe's ghost driving a little golf cart
late at night, but no one else saw it.


Jeff made us stop and play a few rounds of golf to help build
band morale and bond better. It sure was nice there until Wilson
got hit in the head and we had to visit the emergency room.


We made a stop in Alabama to visit with some of the Birdwell clan
and this was a pretty little creek there in Dekalb County.


Jeff enjoyed his vacation in Las Vegas a while back
so he insisted that we stop again and see some of the sights.
Sherri lost a lot of money there in the hotel lobby so we had to
pawn the bus so she didn't get her leg broke.


Yes, we're standing on a cliff in California, getting ready to play
a show at the Hollywood Bowl.


Here we are backstage at the Grand Old Opry.


NASA called and wanted us to pick bluegrass at the space station
and we just couldn't say no. Bluegrass in Space! Imagine that.



Boy, is the desert of Egypt hot.
But the pyramids have great accoustics!


This is an old shot of us at Woodstock.


We support the local law force!


Here we are at a Grateful Dead Concert.



After the record execs got done with us.



We always knew that Jeff was fast, but golly,
even a fast camera can't catch him standing still.



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