Listen to the
Octoberfest show!

It's a mini-disc recording,
so it's a little rough,
but the cool part is that
you can listen to it all!

Rough bits and fun stuff
all together!


Click the arrow to hear Set 1!


Click the arrow to hear Set 2!


Bluegrass Octoberfest in Toledo, OH

October 20, 2007

We had the pleasure of picking at the Bluegrass Octoberfest
at the Conn Weissenberg Post on Alexis Road!

We had a great time... wish you were there too!


The trio singing.... thinking hard, trying to remember all the words....


SO MANY THANKS go out to the real fans of bluegrass!
We SO appreciate the fans that will come out and see the bands play.
It's hard work to put on shows, and play in a band to bring the best we can all
accomplish to folks. Jams are fun, but you know, it's the people that show up at events, too,
that really let us know that they appreciate the effort that goes into making this music.

It's disappointing when more people from other states
show up at an event then the local fans.


What a pleasure to be sharing the stage with the Rock Bottom Mining Company!
These fellows are all true gentlemen! (Even Scott!) (gg)


Scott and Harold are bringing the music alive!


Jeff and Simon are picking up a storm!


More pictures of the true bluegrass supporters! You all are GREAT!




The Muddy Krick Mountain Boys are hamming it up! These folks were great!


Thanks to Miss Earline for the lovely photography!


Any place where you get to play and there's a disco ball... that's a cool place!


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