Jeff started playing the bass in 2004 so that he could pick and jam with his father, who plays the guitar and banjo. Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, Jeff is a local realtor and lives with his wife in Maumee.

He got the bluegrass itch when he went to the Milan Bluegrass Festival in Michigan with his dad, who has loved the music since he left Rogersville, Alabama. We think he's doing great, especially when you consider this is the first instrument he's ever played in his life! He owns two basses already so we know he's got the itch bad!

After two years in the Fulton County Bluegrass Band, he is ready to venture out on a new project, taking with him the valuable experience learned from his first band experience. He currently expanding his skill on the bass as well as working on writing and composing original material for Deepwater. You can view his songwriting efforts by visiting here...

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Wilson has been picking the guitar and banjo for as long as everyone would let him! He fell in love with the music in his homeplace of Alabama and many of his relatives still enjoy the music and pick and grin whenever possible.

He was thrilled when the years of music finally caught in his elder son, Jeff and he's enjoyed playing with Jeff at jams, shows and on stage.

Now he's looking forward to adding his own sound and flair to Deepwater with music, singing and handling the MC work.

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Sherri Chekal learned to play the banjo at the tender age of 16. She picked for a few years, however when she was 21, she had to sell her beloved Stelling banjo to put a clutch in her car when she was living out on her own. (It's a sad story, and you'll need a tissue...) After about 20 years without picking, she finally managed to get back to her roots and got another Stelling. It's a good sounding Bellflower and everyone knows it... it's the banjo with the hearts and flowers on the rim!

Actually, she is the editor of as well as and is a partner in Westvon Publishing, that produces educational materials as well as creating and mantaining over 35 websites.

Her picking style is simple and solid as she relearns all that had fallen to the wayside in her life. Each and every day seems to bring back buried licks and breaks and working with a fine group of traditional musicians will surely help to refine and polish her music! An exciting aspect of the new band is the place to showcase some of her new original material. This is not your grandpa's bluegrass, but we think you'll like it just fine! You can view her songwriting efforts by visiting here...

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Rob Lawson

Rob began playing the guitar when he was but a kid... and now is ready to take on the mandolin! He's only been playing the mando for 6 months! His family hails from Jelico, Tennesee and he's been listening to bluegrass from his musical family for his whole life. But he's only recently discovered bluegrass with his buddy Tim and now they're tearing up and love the music.

He is married with a beautiful little two year old daughter and likes to work on his art and recording music! We're very excited to help him along on his path to mandolin enlightenment!

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Tim Kilburn
Lead Guitar

Tim has been playing guitar since he was a teen around the campfires of Lake Nettle in Williams County. He's definately got that 'fire in the belly' desire to make every note count and just makes his breaks work smooth into our music. He has played lots of music from rock to country, but he's really found a nitch in his bluegrass music and we're glad he's found us!

He's married with a future banjo player developing in his young son! (He's getting him started early!) He loves to hunt and fish, boating, golf, poker, he's got a plate full of hobbies, but picking good grass is a talent he brings to the table.

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